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Long Distance Move

Long Distance Movers

When selecting long distance movers for your relocation project take careful consideration to ensure you’re choosing an experienced company. Our PBTP long distance moving service professional team will give you just that. Challenges of a long distance moving project. Not every company can provide successful long distance moves like we do. When it comes to long distance movers, choose correctly.

We will load your belongings into a moving truck, and we’ll move it quickly and safely to your destination. Moving long distance has never been easier: by combining the convenience of full service with the savings of truck rental, PBTP offers cheap long distance moving options for any size move.

We all know what kind of hassle it is to move locally within the city you reside. We are sure that you are aware that a long distance move is ten times as complicated, stressful, and chaotic, and if it’s something that wasn’t planned ahead of time, that just makes it even worse. We know this and that’s why we are here for you!

PBTP Moving Company Richardson has helped countless families and businesses relocate and get all settled into their new location. It’s what we do and we love to do it without complications or glitches. There is no need for you to worry, let us do that for you!

That’s why we are here! We will make your entire move run as smoothly as possible and make things more manageable for you by removing some of your worries. Long distance moves are part of our daily operations and because we have been doing it for so long, we know exactly how to prepare for anything that might come up. There is nothing better than experience.

With PBTP's moving services at your service you’ll find your moving experience to be efficient with minimal, if any, disruptions to you. We will take over the entire operation leaving you to worry about the other less stressful things to attend to like getting your kids set up in their new school, taking care of utilities, and getting your bank accounts transferred over.


We make it faster

Whether it is a simple move or far distance, we offer the fast service to accommodate all your needs and desires.

Safe and secure move

We know moving is more than just boxes and tape, and we are ready to help with every part of your move to make it a secure move.

On time delevery

You can expect exactly what is promised of delivery time with no disappointments because we know your time is value.

Our Process

  • Easy Booking

  • Helpful Packing

  • Safe Shipping

  • Proper Unloading